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Another lock emergency? It happens even to the best of us. The good news is you can count on us as your emergency partner when it comes to locksmith services around Sungai Buloh. We save you from hassles and delays, and ensure that your properties or possessions are well-secured. 

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    Our Lock Services in Sungai Buloh

    Our team of professional and friendly locksmiths are skilled in doing different lock and key services including:

    • Unlocking/Lock-out Services

    This is one of the most popular concerns in Sungai Buloh, being locked out of the house or car. With this, we have dedicated an emergency support team just to cater to these concerns. We will be in your location the soonest possible time to unlock your house, car, and rooms for you. This also comes with new lock systems, upon request.

    • Car Locksmith

    We also offer various car key services, from car keyfob upgrade and replacement, car unlocking, and car key replacements. This can be huge hassle especially because it can happen to you in the most unlikely places. With this, we highly encourage to save our contact numbers of those of our locksmiths since it will come handy when the unfortunate happens.

    • Lock Replacement

    Exploring to upgrade the lock systems in your home? We are excited to work with you! We have the latest and most sophisticated supplies of locks for every home needs. You can also choose between the traditional/manual and digital lock systems. Rest assured that our locksmiths will walk you through the process of ensuring that your home remains protected with your new lock replacement

    • Key Duplication

    Our humble beginnings revolved around key duplicating. Prior to the advanced lock technologies, our team of locksmiths started out offering this service. Since then until today, key duplication has been one of the most in demand services from us. A quick walk in to our shop, and we can have your key duplicated within friendly rate. 

    • Lock Installation

    All our locksmiths are licensed to work on various property development around Sungai Buloh. For Lock Installation services, simply book with us in advance so we can give you an appointment for lock installation of your choice. 

    Why Choose Us

    There have been a lot of locksmiths companies in Sungai Buloh, yet we are proud to remain as one of the most trusted provider of locksmith services in the country. We believe that our core values as a team has made us reliable. Here are more reasons to choose our services:

    24/7 Availability

    Locksmith services should be available anytime, anywhere, and this is what we deliver to our clients. We understand that lock mishaps can happen even at the most inconvenient time, and we have made our team available for you when this happens.

    Quality of Work

    Throughout the years, we have dedicated much of our efforts in ensuring that we do not only provide a happy and comfortable service for our clients, but are also giving them something of high quality particularly in the supplies that we use.

    Best Prices

    No Hidden Costs – more importantly, we are upfront with our rates! No need to worry about surprise charges after the service is done. What we quote you is what we collect.

    How to Stay Away From Locksmith Fraud

    Calling a locksmith can be risky, especially with the circulating news of frauds. One of the best ways to not fall victim to this is to always ask for your locksmith’s license. Not all locksmith companies in Malaysia require license from their locksmiths, but your safest bet is to always ask for their license, or an identification card at the least.

    The quality of supplies that they use is also as important as the service they offer. With this, do not hesitate to ask them about the supplies that they are using, as well as the brands they carry. If you have this information, you can readily search for their quality online, or better yet physically check the materials, too.

    Talk to your locksmith. Don’t fall for those marketing promises. Once you have called a locksmith for the first time, make sure to inquire in detail about your concern. You will know their experience and credibility on how they answer your queries.

    Finally, though this may not be applicable to all, most registered and legit locksmith companies will have their brand name marked all over their service vehicles.

    What to Do When You are Locked Out of Your House

    This can certainly be a nerve wracking, sweat breaking situation. However, the most important thing that you can do is to not panic. Do not attract attention by panicking outside your house. This will invite potential threats to the security of your property. Instead, make sure to search for the nearest locksmith in your home to seek professional help. Emergency locksmith services should be around your area within an hour.

    Another important reminder is to never try to ruin the lock. This can affect the overall integrity of your door, which in turn will result to bigger damages. Remember to not go too far from premises while waiting for help.

    It is also best to call your other company in the house to ask for key duplicates.

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    We are available for both emergency and appointment-basis services. Your security is also our topmost priority. 

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